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Yahoo IM ‘secret’ feature

Just a quick post.

Note : Yahoo IM = Yahoo Instant Messenger

A simple trick to find out whether someone is online using Yahoo Messenger service, without actually adding them to your friends list. This method works even if you are ignored by that user!

Check out this link

replace “” with the person’s Yahoo ID like

where indian007 is the Yahoo ID

and if he/she is online and NOT using invisible mode, then you will see an image like this

However if user is offline the image is

Simply put you can use it to find out status of anyone, without logging on yahoo messenger and without adding them. But keep in mind that this method will fail if the user is using invisible mode. What you do with this information is your choice. As I always state, use your brains, be creative.

A suggestion will be, create a basic HTML page and create a image link for every friend and you can track the online activity of your friends without actually connecting to messenger servers, quite handy if your college firewall/proxy blocks the Yahoo IM.

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One Response

  1. Anil says:

    How can we track our friends if they r in invisible mode…?
    I didnt found any sure shot software 4 dis..


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