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Using the presenter view in Microsoft PowerPoint.

I am sure that everyone has given presentations on a beamer / screen and will have to do so in the future. Most people I have seen presenting use the default slide show view in which the laptop/computer shows the same view as the projector / screen. This is quite unhandy when you want to refer to your slide notes or want to have an idea of the time you took till now or simply want to switch to a different slide by jumping a few in between without letting your audience being obvious of that fact.

Presenter view PPtHere is where the presenter view functionality comes in use. It has to be one of the handiest tools while giving a presentation. The presenter view allows the user to take full advantage of the dual screens. While showing the full screen presentation on the screen the laptop/computer screen shows an organized collection of slide notes, navigation controls, drawing tools, timer, slide view shown on the projector and other powerful features.






So how to set it up?

This feature is available in Microsoft PowerPoint XP and later versions(Xp, 2003, 2007, … ). To enable this go to Slide show menu and select Set up show and then select the option use presenter view as shown below.


For 2007 users go to the slideshow tab and click on use presenters View under the monitor’s section .

Make sure that your windows is using extended display to show on the projector/screen. To change the display settings on your windows system go to display properties (right click-> properties on desktop) and select Extend my windows desktop on to this monitor for the projector screen.

That’s it you are all set to give presentations with more control and information!! Happy presenting!

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3 Responses

  1. Annie says:

    Hi.. I give live lectures online via my website or thru my youtube channel and would like to know if by using your feature. Would I be able to pull up the powerpoint while speaking with the students and still be online presenting? Hope that makes sense. My idea is that I DONOT have to rely on a projector but once a question is asked, I can simply go to my powerpoint and and give the nec information right then. Hope to hear back from you soon!

  2. Sahil Bawa says:

    You know, I have an important presentation coming up. To be honest, its tomorrow. And buddy, I owe you one big time. Thanks!

  3. Christiaan says:

    Haha, Navin, great call, but couldn’t you’ve posted this a few days earlier? 😉
    Thanks though, great pointer!


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