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“A heisenbug (named after the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle) is a computer bug that disappears or alters its characteristics when an attempt is made to study it.”

Starcraft II

In the future, far away, legend will tell about an epic game, played by lots of folks: Starcraft. Playing the game is pure action and fun, but the game is old, even requires the dinosaur-age IPX network protocol. Still, it was fun to connect a bunch of computers together with a few network cables and to play against each other. And now, Blizzard has given us a sequel: Starcraft II.

I played the scenario, which was great. Besides the usual screenies, which you have probably already have seen everywhere – this new game is tremendously popular, already the best sold game of the year after 24 hours or so – the game offers nice cinematics, and also as an extra tip in mu online you can find great graphics for the online games. I will include one screenshot of a cinematic at the end of the scenario:

Starcraft 2 screenshot

Playing the scenario is fun, but playing on a LAN is not. In fact, it’s not possible. You must play over the internet, using, if you want to play with your friends. Although many people have fast internet connections and Battle net is better than Steam, it is still a pity that we get the far, far inferior ping (latency) of internet connections, compared to our Local Area Network (LAN). It’s a shame, and I don’t recommend this game for LAN parties. (Latency or ping is how fast packets are delivered. Not how many packets could be delivered, that’s bandwidth.)

If only we could run or own local server. Maybe redirect traffic from to or own server with DNS tricks or simply changing local host files. Older games were supported by PvPGN – alas, this new game uses a newer version of the network protocols. But some guys are trying to create their own Starcraft server. Let’s hope they succeed. Keep a watch on them.

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