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South Park 1108

Just for the news fellas, South Park has taken a mid-season break and they will return on 3rd, October,2007. So we have to wait till then.

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8 Responses

  1. cheryl says:

    couldnt be more True

  2. Fr0z3n says:

    I need more reviews of southpark 😉

  3. mik3 says:

    regarding the 1109 episode 😛 found it out myself, it was published on the 11 of octobre, called “more crap”, love the new episodes

  4. mik3 says:

    was a very nice episode, does any one know when episode 1109 will be published? looking forward to it… thank, enjoy

  5. Fr0z3n says:

    South park is back!
    Can we get the reviews started once again?


  6. Cartman says:

    Respect mah authoritah!

  7. southparkfan says:

    I WANT MY SOUTHPARK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. fdgdfg says:



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