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“A heisenbug (named after the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle) is a computer bug that disappears or alters its characteristics when an attempt is made to study it.”

Shoot meteors down and learn to type

A while back, I had to write a few papers. Typing was going fine with my three or four fingers. Or so I thought. Until I saw one of my friends spewing out letters like a machine gun. Would it be worth the trouble to learn to type with ten fingers? Probably not. Learning to type is boring and takes lots of time. Or so I thought.

I forgot when I first heard of TuxType. It is a game created for children, but I really liked the game. You can use the game to learn ten-finger (blind) typing. Learning how to use your fingers to press keys on your keyboard is fun. The program shows you which key to press with which finger and plays music on the background.

TuxType Tutor

Shows which finger to use to press a key.

TuxType comets

Shoot down the comets that are falling down by typing the right letter.

Even more fun is to practice catching fish or shooting down coments. My favorite is shooting at comets. You really need the practice lessons and quick ten-finger typing to get higher scores with comet shooting. The comets are coming in faster and faster! Click the little picture with comets on the right to see the full size screenshot.

If you want to use your computer with more speed, fun, and confidence, you have to learn to type, and now it’s even fun and easy to do so. If you spend for about 5 minutes a day doing practice lessons in TuxType, and another 5 minutes playing a game like catching fish or comet shooting, then you will see big improvements within two weeks. Within three to four weeks, you will type very fast. And that’s only 10 fun minutes a day – great for evenings or during breaks.

Get TuxType at

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