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SEO using link building

This is a continuation of the previous post about Increasing traffic to your blog. While in the previous post we discussed use of keywords and their placement to improve chances of users finding your blog through search engine in this post we would look at the importance of link building for your blog.

As an SEO consultant, I feel that Link building is the most important factor in Search Engine Optimization and as a customer when you are looking for a SEO service, you must make sure to hire a company only after checking out their product list, as only a company which offer you all the services under one roof will know exactly how to help grow and promote your business in the right manner. In this post I would look at how link building both internal and external can help you boost your blog. Google Page-rank is an indication of the number of incoming links to your site. While Google only updates the public database every 5/6 months it is readily available via the Google tool bar.

Internal Links:

These are the links to your content referenced from withing your website; while most people tend to overlook these, these links also form a basis for your blog’s search ranking.

The search engine uses a lot of pointers to link to your blog:

The path to your page. e.g. having a path like rather than

The Anchor text to your pages is used by the search engines to as keywords:

  1. Look here for an article on keyword usage for SEO
  2. Here is an article on Increasing your blog traffic using Keywords

The Second e.g. here gets more juice as it is now linked with multiple keywords for this linking where as in the 1st e.g. the link gets associated with here which is not useful. Another tip is to always have absolute path to your pages rather than relative paths. A relative path will not get you any Page-Rank while using absolute linking will definitely help you.

Internal links can also be used to balance the page ranks between different pages. Most of the time a few pages of your site will get more incoming links than other posts, you can use internal links to balance out the link building and pass on the juice to your other internal pages. But you do not have to hinge solely on link building,. You can also hire a social media marketing company to strengthen your twitter or facebook presence. From my experience in this domain, I can tell that guarantee real youtube likes which would give your business a huge thrust, but it’s something I can’t say about every company out there.

External Links

External links account for the majority of the page rank factor. Link building is very crucial for increasing your page rank. While a lot of sites offer free link publication keep in mind that it is the sites with good page rank that count while considering incoming links. While getting links form low ranked websites with 100’s of unrelated outgoing links can actually harm your page rank instead of helping it.

When building incoming links make sure that you link to your content pages rather than your blog home page as these are the main content pages for your blog. Always have a descriptive anchor text for your content just like internal links.

Social sites can help a lot in link building as well. Sites like reddit, digg, facebook and twitter are easy sources to let other people know about your blog post. It is always a good idea to include links to let your users share your post on various social bookmarking sites .  Second way is by writing short excerpts on top sites which are in the same area as your blog.

In an SEO guide from SEODesign the author talks about looking for the top posts related to your search keywords and then finding the sites linking back to them as a good platform to build up a list of sites you want to link back to your blog post. e.g. You are writing a blog post on green energy, the way to go about would be to do a google search on green energy, find the top 3 links and then look for sites linking back to those sites (you can search in google to find backward links) and then targeting those websites to build up links to your blog post.

Although, Link building is one of the most important ways to ensure high search engine rankings it is also the slowest. It normally takes 4-5 months before you can actually reap the benefit of all the hard work put into link building.

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