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Searching for faces

Some upcoming technology for you: Google face-search technology is now available for use.

Google’s face search allows you to narrow down your image-search to only those images that contain faces. Having tried it out for a few search terms, I can say that it works pretty well to the extent that the returned images indeed have faces in them. However, it seems to miss a few valid images. On the face of it (pun unintended) it seems as if images containing smaller or many faces seem to go unrecognized.

To actually perform a face-search, do a normal image search at and then add &imgtype=face to the end of the URI in the address-bar. There seems to be no direct link to use this feature at the moment.

UPDATE: Check out this article on ars technica related to this post.

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4 Responses

  1. jodhpuriguy says:

    The article does not quote Google specifying that face recognizing is being used there… It looks like a speculation to me… maybe it’s not…

  2. It does seem to be image recognition actually, although labeling might also be playing a role. Refer to the update posted at the end of the original post.

  3. Avi Mehta says:

    Actually, It might not be “Image Recognition” that is at work here. There is something called “Google Image labeler” ( This helps users label images with various labels.

    Now if the image has just a face, people would actually label it that way. But If there are many faces in the image, the better label would be “People” or “Crowd” and so we get the behavior as described above.

    Go to the image Labeler and play a game. You will understand What I am saying 🙂

  4. DarK says:

    i must say Awsome.. really good.. try searching something like fly and add &imgtype=face works like wonders


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