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RSS Reader – Optimize the time spent on internet

RSS Reader, now what is that. Lets take an example.

Say you live in 1930’s.

You like to watch music shows, plays and similar stuff. In order to do so, you will have to keep an eye on the posters or newspapers or keep checking with the theaters to know about the new shows.

Fast forward to 2010.

You are an internet worm, and you like to follow the youtube streams of  Philip Defranco, Ryan, College Humor, and few others. Also you like to read Lifehacker, Techcrunch, CNN and many other similar sites. Throw some comic websites to the list such as XKCD, QC and Geek And Poke

So how do you get along reading all those. Grab a coffee in morning and open all the sites in tabs and read the updates. Or catch an update or two when the boss in not looking at your computer screen at work!

Here is a way to consolidate most of the web updates that you follow, in a single page and only shows the updated content. For current discussion we are going to pick Google Reader. It’s a great web based application which also integrates with Google Buzz and GMail.

Here is a basic video tutorial on how to use Google Reader on firefox. There are many advanced features which I’ll leave you to figure out yourself.

The reason I use Google Reader is I can read the feeds from my home laptop, and it will be marked as read next time I log from office desktop. This synchronization is currently missing from most desktop based RSS readers.

Happy reading!

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  1. Charmaine says:

    Indeed, it is simple and save us a lot of time browsing.


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