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Port Forwarder Tool

In continuation to the last post. You might find this as a useful tool with all the mess you create with hamachi and other softwares. It’s called a port forwarder and you can find one here. The interface is quite simple, just what you need, and the help is pretty useful if you have an idea what port forwarding means.

You might find this link helpful for PF concepts.

PS : This tool is not connected to any kind of router or any such stuff I know. It is used to forward a port on your PC, to a local/remote host to other local/remote port.

For DAiiCTians : create a tunnel/PF tunnel from <yourPC>:411 to for enabling access to DAiiCiTy HuB

Disclaimer : I am not responsible for any damage caused by the above software to your PC, use it at your own risk. Opening ports without considerable thought can be dangerous, you are warned!

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6 Responses

  1. FieryShadow says:

    port forwarder is one of the most basic tools used in your day to day networking…
    even your proxy uses the port forwarding

  2. Mouse says:


  3. DarK says:

    illegal in what sense ?
    it’s a port forwarder.. how can it be illegal !
    you can make one yourself in 100 lines of code.

  4. maine suna ye illegal hai!! :O

  5. Fr0z3n says:

    cool. Came into the top posts. Gr8 going DarK.

  6. […] Port Forwarder Tool [image] [image] […]


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