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“A heisenbug (named after the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle) is a computer bug that disappears or alters its characteristics when an attempt is made to study it.”


Horizontal Scrolling for MySQL queries in Linux

Everyone who works with databases on a linux terminal faces this issue at some point in time — executing select * on a table with too many columns. And in linux since there is no horizontal scrolling, the output is wrapped and hence completely unusable. You can use –pager property to get rid of that […]

A simple Timer for Windows

A while ago, I needed a simple desktop Timer application. I didn’t like any of all the existing ones, so I wrote my own. It’s called EvertTimer.

Calendaring: Exchange can publish to ICS, defaults to insecure

ICS (iCal) is a file format for calendars. Most calendaring software uses it. For example, you can import / export it to Google Calendar. If you have a Google Calendar, you can “publish” your calendar to an ICS file, so you can use it with other software like Mozilla Calendar or web services. Microsoft Exchange […]

Installing transmission and dnsmasq on a NAS

Introduction In our student’s  dorm, we want to share files. We also have one shared internet connection using ADSL. The download speed is OK, but the uplink is weak. Many students like to use torrents, which quickly drain the uplink and the connection table of the modemrouter. So I set up a server with a […]

Mounting VMware disks on the host system

VMware uses virtual disk files as a source to store data from their virtual machines. These files are have an extension of .vmdk and are stored on your local hard drive. There are multiple instances on some of the best web hosting agency´s where one would want to access these files without having to boot […]

Reverse-engineering the cascode

(from – Cascode (shown in Fig. 1) is well known and widely used circuit for creating large-impedances in integrated circuits. Cascode circuits also provide another advantage i.e. isolation between input and output ports and thereby reducing the Miller-effect and as a result cascodes have a good frequency performance. And when impedances achieved from cascode […]

Using the presenter view in Microsoft PowerPoint.

I am sure that everyone has given presentations on a beamer / screen and will have to do so in the future. Most people I have seen presenting use the default slide show view in which the laptop/computer shows the same view as the projector / screen. This is quite unhandy when you want to […]

Why do we perform small signal analysis?

Why do we perform small signal analysis, when we are analyzing or designing analog circuits? This is a fundamental question that I think, is not discussed rigorously enough in the classes or text books on analog circuit design. I will attempt to qualitatively address this question here in this blogpost. Fig. 1 a) Small-signal MOSFET […]



Last time, I mentioned the idea of a Slow Down! This time, I guess I want to see what could really happen if we go to the other extreme of digitizing our lives.

5 addictive online flash games to play

Let me warn you in advance that these games might be addictive and consume your time!! Don’t say I didn’t warn you!! 6. Bonus only for movie lovers – Whatthemovie – This site shows you screenshots from various films and you have to guess the movie name. Simple right ? 5. Light Bot: Interesting game especially […]

Slow Down!

Technology is a bitch, I tell you! You see, 50 years ago, nobody knew what a Smartphone was, let alone, our dear old iPhone and now, everybody talks about it. Some people hate it, some people love it and others can’t afford it. In the middle of it all, I seriously wonder if life would […]

The Man in the Cave

Imagine a cave, deep – so deep that sunlight can’t protrude into the cave, big – so big that multiple people would be able to occupy the cave, moist – so moist that water is dripping from the rocks, and inhabited by bats – so many bats that killing a lot of them wouldn’t lead […]

Vilnius, Lithuania – General info and tips!

Cramped in between Latvia, Belarus, Poland and the Russian Kaliningrad Oblast, lies the Republic of Lithuania (Lietuvos Respublika). Once part of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, stretching from the Baltic Sea to the Black Sea, it is now reduced to a country of about the size of the Czech Republic. It is in this country, that the […]

How to Backup Vinyl Records?

During my childhood I had the opportunity and means of listening to vinyl records. When I used them, I had to be extreamly careful not to damage them by accident, otherwise … You wouldn’t want to know 😉 For those of you (such as myself) who still adore their precious vinyl records and want to preserve them for a […]

How to become famous over time?

There is this article on The Huffington Post website named How to Become Famous Overnight, written by Robert Pagliarini. I won’t go into the details of his last name (Pag-liar-ini), but I read the article and he talks about how Christina Perri became a famous singer overnight. I do not mean to disagree with what […]

3 Laws of human behavior

What is it that makes humans act in a certain way that they do? An attempt to look into the complicated human behavior and break it down into three basic rules.


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