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Online multiplayer flash games

After the previous list of single player flash games, here is a list of online multi player flash games!!

5. Artillery Live:  You have to destroy the battletank of your opposite team before they destroy yours! The game features vs. computer mode and also lets you form your own team



4. Poker!: There are various versions of online poker available including Texas Holdem,  starting facebook version to professional versions where you can play with real money!

3.  Swedish Army test: This is an interesting concept where you have to perform a number of tasks in a given time frame as a group. The most important part of the game is to act as a group. The game gives you the option of randomly forming an online team or to form your own team.

Swedish Armed forces

Swedish Armed forces test

2. BowMan: A similar game where you have to kill your opponent using bow and arrow. The multiplayer version of the game is meant to be played on the same computer and not with an online opponent.


1. Zwok! : This is a multi-player shooter game in which every team get time to move/ and chose how to shoot at the other team by selecting the angle speed and the type of weapon used. These actions from every player are then executed and the health of players who get hit decreased. The aim is simple eliminate the other team before they eliminate you!


ZWOK game play

Have fun playing!

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  1. I would like to submit an online flash multiplayer baseball game. It uses logins and web service calls. Please respond at your earliest convenience.


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