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Microsoft offering FREE Virtual classroom sessions

Through Developer Virtual Classrooms, which is called to be “The Ultimate Online Training Environment“, Microsoft is offering FREE classroom sessions on WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation). As it is said, with the Developer Virtual Classrooms, you can enjoy the benefits of live human interaction from the comforts of your desktop. (Well! Let’s see if it is true.)

Followings are the parts of the WPF courses as listed on the site.

  1. Introduction to WPF
  2. Introduction to WPF Controls
  3. Data Binding in WPF
  4. Resources & Styling in WPF
  5. Deployment of WPF Applications

Important Dates:
Virtual classroom sessions will commence from April 23, 2007 to April 27, 2007.

Registrations Close at 1800hrs on Thursday 19th April. Limited Seats are available so hurry.

What you get:
Take online course evaluations and if you score more than 80% during the online evaluation, then you get a certificate of participation from Microsoft. (Hmm!)

More Info:
Refer to the site for more information.

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