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LAN over Internet

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Being just out of college I realised that one thing I am gonna miss is the LAN and how easily everyone was just a net send away. And the main thing the GAMING experience you share with friends is never the same, check klicka på den här länken här. With everyone being behind a NAT and some even behind proxy’s direct connection is out of question. When I thought all was lost I remembered a software – Hamachi ; DarK had referred to me earlier and there was my answer a VPN (Virtual Private Network) over the internet which gives you alternate IP’s for your private LAN and you can now do anything you want just like it was a real LAN (of course the speed limitations are there unless you have a great internet speed).

Installation of hamachi is very simple just visit the site to download the small < 1 Mb file and it will guide you along to creating your own VPN or joining an existing network. Once setup you can use your hamachi IP as in you were directly connected.


Hamachi – connected

To connect to a LAN/network from a computer over internet,firstly you will need to setup a VPN between one on the network to the computer outside, hamachi will do this for you. Now to be able to communicate/connect with the other computers on the network you will have to use the internal computer connected to you via Hamachi as a proxy. To set up a proxy on the computer you can use tools like ccproxy, winproxy, or if you just want to communicate/ connect on a particular service you can simply use port forwarding.

Also VPN can be used by two or more users to connect directly when they don’t have an Internet IP, it can be used to play lan games, file sharing netmeeting and various other services that require direct connection.

For DAIICiTians : To connect to the internal DAiiCiTy HuB using Hamachi, you will need VPN with one of you inside the hostel network. Simply setup the VPN using Hamachi, and use port forwarding on the internal PC to get access to the HuB. (figure rest of it urself :))

Disclaimer : I am telling how to screw up your computer, but you are the one who is screwing it up, and I hold no responsibility for your actions.

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12 Responses

  1. ilias says:

    1 of verry meaningful functionalities that such software should have is a list of online servers/rooms, to play not only with known friends. Since Tunnge and Evolve have closed, it present only in pLan (.. OpenVpn) and gameRanger, while gameRanger has disadvantages like game auto{starting/closing}, rooms auto-locking and strict game selection, pLan needs players a lot, this is strange, and please gamers, joing us to play together.

  2. vivek says:

    its gr8 hamachi team.. love u oll

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  4. Jawwn says:

    hi guys im jus wondering is there a way to ‘tunnel’other people because although my interne is pretty fast my friend isnt and its lagging the game =( any help will be greatly appreciated =D

  5. Benjamin says:

    Hi for LAN games i found LANoi
    I was a great hamachi fan.But came to know lot of draw backs in it.Especially modern day LAN games or not playable or they need advance configuration and also not able to join many multyplayer due to the lack of speed even with fastest net connection. I found this LANoi fastest while playing even joined upto 16 friends.Its really reat technological revolution by crow soft. Although hamachi was te first contender and quik to be famous around the world but people are finding more drawbacks in it.
    LANoi is absolutely free.
    www langamesonnetblogspot com for more info see this blog for games/

  6. Fieryshadow says:

    You can use a proxy software for that like ccproxy or
    The setup and use for those softwares are quite straight forward

    I have not tried the app on Mac

  7. By The Way... says:

    Not trying to be a killjoy, but the last time i installed this app, loads of system files on my mac got deleted, and i had to re install OS X 10.5, and I went on some forums and realized it was a common problem with Hamachi X

  8. arash says:

    hi guys, l had a question, appreciated if you can help me
    by setting up himachi can l get accessed to the other computer’s internet (different server)? would you explain what exactly l should do?

  9. pradeepmoses says:

    Check this software its free & uses microsofts windows inbuilt teredo service & faster than any commercial software

  10. Sudhanshu says:

    Its really gr8. Keep posting such good things for us.


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