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Kquery – The Game Server Browser

Do you have to search in text files, notes for the Counter-Strike game server address you played on yesterday, or you just pass out a day’s game because you cannot find out any non empty server in huge list of servers. Here is a solution for you.

Kquery v 4.0 is must have freeware tool for gamers not only on LAN environment but also all those on the internet.

Kquery is a game server browsing tool (reporting players, rules, maps, server settings and more)

Games supported are

Americas Army
BattleField 1942
BattleField Vietnam
Call of Duty
Counter Strike Retail
Counter Strike Condition Zero
Day of Defeat Retail
Half-Life (including all mods)
Jedi Knight 2
Jedi Academy
Quake 2
Quake 3
MOHAA Breakthrough
MOHAA Spearhead
Return to Castle Wolfenstein
RTCW : Enemy Territory
Soldier of Fortune II
Steam Powered Games
StarTrekVoyager : Elite Force
StarTrekVoyager : Elite Force II
Unreal Tournament
Unreal Tournament 2003
Unreal Tournament 2004
Unreal 2 XMP

The software also supports “Join Server”, where on proper configuration you can join the displayed servers from program interface only. For more information about the application visit
Some of the basic features includes, showing how many players are in the server, and also the details about them, like in case of Counter-Strike you can see player count, player names, frags, map name and few more details. I will say it’s a tool worth trying.

As usual, the disclaimer

Disclaimer : I am telling how to screw up your computer and possibly your gaming gear, but I am not screwing it up, so you are responsible for whatever goes wrong with your PC.

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