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Is Education killing jobs?

Just a random thought… is education really killing jobs or are there huge flaws in the assumptions below?

  • We have an ever increasing population but the increase in population is somewhat linear with increase in jobs
  • More and more people are going to university and getting university degrees
  • This leads to us having to invent more technological jobs leaving us with less people to do the clerical jobs
  • This in turn results in us developing automation to fill up those clerical jobs
  • Now the number of people needed to develop tools to make machines able to automate clerical jobs is less than actual clerical jobs being replaced by those machines. e.g.  Automated petrol pumps / automatic ticket vending machines
  • This should eventually result in less total number of jobs than what we have now in the future.

Now my question is is the new technologies that we are developing (biotech, research etc…)enough to balance out the loss in clerical jobs ?

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2 Responses

  1. Navin says:

    Megan that point is indeed true to a certain extent but when the automation starts getting widely accepted and the is installed at numerous locations/ over long periods of time the amount of people working for the technology falls way below the number of people it replaces. Infact that would be the first crucial requirement for any product to be commercially viable. Unless the costs of having an automated device is not less than the (un)skilled labor it is replacing it will not replace them in the first place.

    But indeed we are still at a phase when we are developing new technologies much more then what we are replacing but I can imagine that can only go on for so long before the balance shifts…

  2. Megan says:

    As I had read recently, when developing these tools a lot of manpower goes on behind the scenes. You need people to do the paperwork and link systems and do all of the businessy stuff to get that software sold. People will still be employed in the manufacturing plants that are created, and people will be contracted to build these plants and machines that will be making the software that is being produced. When one job is eliminated, a million more spring up since new technology usually requires more manual labor in the initial stages then it does further down the line when certain processes are automated. And since it is a cycle of job elimination/creation, the number of jobs automated usually balance out with those that are created or actually increase if that product is successful.


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