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How-to: DIY Macro Lens For Your Cellphone!

If you have a disposable camera lying around somewhere in your basement or your room gathering dust, take it and do something useful with it! If you don’t have one, buy one and continue reading this post 🙂

Here is a simple step by step “tutorial” on how to add macro capability to your lovely phone camera:

  1. Take the disposable camera and take it’s lens out (disassemble it and take the lens out).
  2. Get a paper clip (you can also use a hard wire for this purpose) and bend it to attach it to the tiny lens you just took out.
  3. Attach the wire/clip to the sides of the lens as shown in the nice photo.
  4. Done.

Remember, obsolete doesn’t mean useless! Have fun taking photos 😉

Via: Lifehacker

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