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How to become famous over time?

There is this article on The Huffington Post website named How to Become Famous Overnight, written by Robert Pagliarini. I won’t go into the details of his last name (Pag-liar-ini), but I read the article and he talks about how Christina Perri became a famous singer overnight. I do not mean to disagree with what he has written in this article, or even in his other articles. I would like to add to that article and inform you of my view over how to become famous… And not overnight.

All human beings, animals and trees (at least the ones I’ve talked to) have a view of their life. In their own mind, they see their life going towards a destination. Most of them are not aware of the exact goal, but there are some who are. An apple tree makes apple not lemon. All trees go towards their goal, but what happens during this journey, is what gives meaning to their life.

Although most people I know have told me that none of them ever thought of what to become when they were a baby, I think they did; they just don’t remember it well enough.

People interpret every event that goes around them in different ways. I am lucky for one to have interacted with almost all sorts of people. See what I did there? I said I am “lucky”. Someone might say “Armin! You are not lucky. There is no luck. It’s just consequences of events that lead you towards that direction”. If someone says that, I won’t disagree. But back to the point. If I stand in the sun, you may be paying attention to these things:

  • Is he wearing eye-glasses?
  • Would his shirt color be seen the same in a shadow?
  • Is it hot or is it cold?
  • etc.

You may even not see me, but see the shadow I have created by standing in the sun, come to me, sit down, lay your back towards my leg, open your book and read it.

But what does that have to do anything with becoming famous? Please allow me to explain.

There are several ways to make friends in this world, but I will only name two: being honest with some one you don’t know; being illusive about who you are. As I just said, I only named two. Each of these ways have their goods and bads. Some say jumping up and down is good (under certain conditions) and some say it’s bad (under the same conditions). It is also possible to make enemies in this way, but wait! In any of these two cases, either making friends or making enemies (other terms may be lovers and haters, or fans and whatever is opposite of fans), you have been recognized and recognition is a (not the) key to becoming famous.

So, let’s go back to what was missing from the article. If my final goal (or one of the goals) in my life is to become famous on planet Earth, then I should become recognized be at least one person. I say one person, because I am talking about becoming famous within human beings, not glasses or trees. The next question is not “why do I want to become famous?” It’s “what do I want to be famous for?“. The answer to this question is what determines your path to becoming famous. Here are some examples for what someone wants to become famous for:

  • Being wealthy
  • Being smart
  • Always thinking about other people’s safety and health
  • Worst dancer
  • Tallest body
  • Disaster maker
  • Being lazy
  • etc.

Once the type of fame is set, you will try to reach your goal. What would happen if I won’t try? Wouldn’t I reach the goal? The short answer is “No!”. You may have seen people not trying much, but reaching their goals. Do not mistake them with people who do not try. There is a big difference between people who do not try, and people who do not try much. The latter tries, but not much. If you open your eyes, the light will enter them, gets into the nervous system and is received by the brain. Brain will process it and will determine what it is. If you do not let provide your brain with the visual information, the brain will have nothing to process. So, if you want to see, you try to open your eyes (unless you have a visor which in that case you will put on your visor).

I’m going to stop rambling now and will get to the point.

  • If you try doing the work required to get you to your goal, eventually you will become good at it if you gather opinions and experiences of others about what you are doing; and thinking about them!
  • If you keep on trying doing the work, make sure people you are in contact with (directly or indirectly) will see what you have done.
  • Since you have set the “number” of people who should know about you/your work/your goal (e.g. one friend, five neighbors, 120 professors, 629 lumberjacks, etc.), you will become famous, in time (not overnight).

I would only suggest you this: Try doing something useful to help all living beings in this universe live a meaningful and healthy life.

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