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Get details of upcoming Programming Contest

If you are a programming freak like me and would like to keep updated with the upcoming programming contests, so that you can register well in advance for them, then your wish has just been heard. There is a very nice wiki site called The Algorithmist which not only contains an updated schedule for upcoming programming contests, but is also useful in referring for the algorithm related resources.

Bookmark this link now: Programming Contest Calendar

The Algorithmist is a wiki started by Larry, Ryan, and Rrenaud, who are also very high rated Topcoder members.

The site contains a well categorized list of Algorithms along with their descriptions and examples, and is good for learning and for referring (for e.g. Longest common subsequence).

Apart from that it also contains detailed help for ACM problem archive, and some other online compatitions like SPOJ.

Overall, The Algorithmist is recommended to be present in the bookmarks of any programming enthusiast.

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2 Responses

  1. Fr0z3n says:

    Yes. Thanks for mentioning. I knew it, but forgot to mention 😉

  2. Anil Kishore says:

    try..this also…. its a forum in TopCoder, where the members
    share the info. of prog..compe.. they know


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