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Games at Work

Key :MMO = Massively Multiplayer Online Games
MMORPG = MMO + Role Playing Game

Games I suggest you should try once are

  1. TrackMania Nations

Here we will discuss 2 types of games.

  1. The browser based games & flash games. Basically lightweight games, which doesn’t require heavy installations or are comparably lighter on network and PC’s
  2. The online games (typically MMO’s), they require some client to be downloaded which can range from 100MB’s to 2GB’s. They require a little more bandwidth and might run slow on old PC’s.

The Category 2 Games are

  1. Guild Wars Factions – One time payment of approx $50, then play free. It’s one of the top MMORPG’s
  2. Rappelz – Free to play.
  3. Voyage Century – Free to play. Gives a different feel from most MMO’s. Characters are humans unlike most other MMO’s. I still have to give it a try.
  4. Flyff – Free to play. Quite ok MMO, I had problems with too much details in the interface.
  5. Silkroad Online – Free to play.
  6. Ragnarok Online – Free on some servers (like Indian server are free, while US servers are paid). Indian server – . This one is quite ok. Gameplay is quite ok, but graphics are age old. Also the idea of quests is absent. So the game becomes boring after a while. Based on norse mythology.
  7. Hero Online – Free to play. One more of MMO’s.
  8. Second Life – Free to play. Give this one a shot, totally different idea. It’s trying to create a virtual second life.

A Word : Before buying any MMO, make sure that you are upto the gaming style of the MMO’s, as almost MMO’s require lots of patience, they are slow and require a lot of time to level up, which makes them look stupid in front of gamers who like games like Quake, CS or similar games.

One more game to try out which is not MMO’s and is in category 2 games.

  • TrackMania Nations – one hell of a good game, if you like racing games like NFS, you can give it a go. It’s quite good, and comes with multi player options too.

My focus was on the games which you can play alone, for any period ranging from 10 minutes to 10 hours, without engaging your colleagues. Also most of them are free.

A word of advice : Don’t play games in office, it might get you fired!

About category 1 games, i think google can help you there. As I don’t intend to mention any!

Have fun gaming @ Office

PS : If you know any more games, please leave a comment mentioning the Name and/or link to the game website.

Edit: Some browser based MMOPRG’s

  • – Very good game to play, and as most browser based games requires ticks, you can just play this game in middle of the work.

Browser based MMORPG’s require less time and a more thinking. You “cannot” play it continuously as there is an idea of ticks (usually 1hr = 1 tick) so once you are done with your assigned ticks, you have to wait atlest 1 hour. So perfect for playing while working.

User additions :

  • Desktop Tower Defence – Highly Addictive game once you get how to play it properly. Browser based flash game.

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