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“A heisenbug (named after the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle) is a computer bug that disappears or alters its characteristics when an attempt is made to study it.”


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  1. Albert Barkley says:

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  2. Christiaan says:

    Hi guys and gails. I LOVE the articles here. So much that I’m dying to get any notification on the new articles in my gmail inbox 😀

    But: I’m not using RSS and not planning on doing so, it doesn’t fit my current digi-toolbox…
    Would u consider sending out e-mail notifications if there are new articles?
    This would be of great help to me, thanks!

    Keep up the good work, this blog is really something special!

  3. d3m0n says:

    good going!

  4. Parit says:

    nice to see familiar faces again :)

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