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Dropbox – The magic box!

What is Dropbox?

A video intro from Dropbox ( can see on official site too)

What else you can do with Dropbox

  1. You can share folders between other Dropbox users and have a sharing setup with almost no effort. No more running around from friend’s place to your home just because you forgot to copy a file on USB Drive.
  2. Dropbox saves versions of files which are once uploaded and modified subsequently. Say if you save a homework document after some changes close it. But now you want to revert it back to how it was few hours later, you cannot normally. But by using Dropbox’s web interface you can still do it assuming you saved your homework file in dropbox folder. Just right click on file in your dropbox and select “Dropbox > View Previous Versions….” in the menu.

Download Dropbox from here.

Installation Process

  1. Download and Install it, pretty straightforward there.
  2. You will need to create an dropbox account first.
  3. Give name to the PC. I call my laptop DarK-Laptop and my work PC as Desktop-Office. Giving a good name is important as it will be useful when you are trying to revert back versions of a file.
  4. Create a dropbox folder on your hard disk.

Voila, there you have an automated syncing, sharing and backing up system which just works!

Remember, dropbox syncs, stores and creates versions of only the files in dropbox folder and not outside it.

Give it a try, you will surely find it useful.

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2 Responses

  1. DarK says:

    @Christiaan : I would say, the files which you want to access from everywhere.

    I highlighted the backup feature, since it can save your work sometimes.
    So basically as long as it’s less than 2GB(for free accounts), you can put any file you want.

    Hope that helps.

  2. Christiaan says:

    Would u use it to keep all your files synchronised or just the ones you are working on?
    I still need to sync the files on my PC and laptop but can’t image this website would like to host my 500 GB of data, plus that I would feel guilty taking up so much useless server space…


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