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“A heisenbug (named after the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle) is a computer bug that disappears or alters its characteristics when an attempt is made to study it.”

Photography now at 1,000,000,000,000 frames per second!


Move over high speed camera here comes fem-to camera. Imagine being able to capture frames so fast that you can see light moving a millimeter of a distance and no this is not fantasy but something that actually has been done. Now think about the various scientific capabilities of such a technological wonder; from studying light waves as move and interact with various objects and mediums to seeing around the corner, checking if a fruit is ripe by shining light on it and possibly many more.

The paper on how they use this technology to see around the corners can be found on

Here is the TED video: Read the rest of this entry »

Get your desktop E-Mail client ready for free IMAP for GMail – What does GMail IMAP change

OK, I have it enabled now. Free IMAP for GMail. But first for those who don’t know what IMAP is, go to this link . How is IMAP any different from POP3, or wait what I am talking about. I have this small FAQ for newbies.

Q. What is POP3/IMAP?

A. To simplify this, they are mail accessing protocols which are used by your Desktop E-mail Client.

Q. What is a protocol?

A. From wikipedia “A Protocol is a set of guidelines or rules that help in governing an operation on the internet and communications over it” . Simply put it’s a way to communicate over internet.

Q. What is a desktop e-mail client.

A. An e-mail client is a computer program used to manage e-mail. Few examples are

Linux : Mozilla Thunderbird, Evolution, KMail, Pine, Mutt (pine and mutt are console based)

Windows : Mozilla Thunderbird, Outlook Express (not free), Microsoft Outlook (comes as a part of Windows), Windows Mail (comes in windows Vista)

PS : This is by no means the whole list of E-mail Client available. This is just the list of client I have used in the past, and in the order of my liking.

Q. What is an E-Mail?

A. Seriously man, stop reading this! 😛 Anyways. Read this for information about E-Mail

Ok, so now we are out of the viscious cycle of jargons, lets come to the point. GMail has added IMAP service to their currently 4.4GB E-mail inbox. How does this matter to you. Well if you have a E-mail account with services like Yahoo or Hotmail, I can say IMAP wins over almost every service they have to offer.

Q. How? ( You can say to me, you dumb ##$##@$, that BIG editor gave Yahoo a better score than GMail!)

A. How does IMAP change your life. Well in simple terms, you might never need to open the web browser for any of your emailing needs. Is that big? Well lets add this to the list, unlike POP3, you can use multiple E-Mail clients at the same time on the same account. It means you can receive the same e-mail on your PDA, Laptop, Desktop and if you mark it as read on one of them, it will be marked read in all of them, it keeps everything in sync. You will love this feature if you have a history of using POP3 and the mails once downloaded and read are again marked unread once you shift to some other computer.

Q. I still don’t get it, how does it makes GMail any better?

A. Well any standard IMAP client can be configured to

  • Run in system tray, without take any place in the tasks list
  • Check one or more, e-mail accounts simultaneously
  • Check the accounts after a fixed interval, again and again and again, so that you don’t have to
  • Notify in case you get a mail

Q. Still doesn’t makes any sense to me!

A. Using and e-mail service with IMAP access (like GMail) and a desktop client you can send/receive your e-mail (with attachments) from your desktop without using a browser, and you will be notified of new mails automatically.

Q. Why is your english so bad!

A. I am working on it 🙁

Q. So I what do I do now?

A. I’ll suggest create an account on GMail and see it working first hand.

This what IMAP changes for me and many other GMail users, although Google might have big plans with this offering !!!

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-Fr0z3n being murdered by Users has been flooded by astonishing number of stories related to HD-DVD encryption key. People are digging about anything with a HD-DVD encryption key, just to keep the topics on the homepage of digg.

Although digg admins are trying their best to make things better. But even after deleting lot of stories, comments and even banning users, things are not yet under control.

Many users are irritated as this is not letting the genuine stories to become popular.

Visit now to see whats happening there.

If you are late and somehow digg managed to correct the things, then check out the screenshot here.

There is a digg submit which says “DIGG IF YOU THINK DIGG DIED TONIGHT” linking to some random site, and it had already 2711 diggs while writing this post. (It was 2066 when i started writing.)

Updates: is back to normal. Read the blog post of’s founder blog about his views on all that happened. Thankfully, people are digging back legitimate links now.

Do you Stumble?

StumbleUpon is a social Link sharing site. If you are an information seeker like me, but are tired of searching google for finding interesting site, then worry no more, StumbleUpon will help you discover and share great websites. The coolest thing about StumbleUpon is that, with just a click of a button you will be taken to an interesting site from the list of categories that you choose. And trust me its quite addictive.

The StumbleUpon toolbar is a must to have in your browser. If you dont have it, you are missing some fun of internet.

Apart from using StumbleUpon for surfing, you can also use to meet like minded people.

StumbleUpon is also cool, if you want to surf through the numerous videos that have started flooding on the website due to the popular emergence of social video sharing sites like youtube and googlevideo.

Other popular choices include to surf random news, pictures, blogs, wiki etc. You can also write reviews of these pages/sites which other users can read. Read the rest of this entry »

Microsoft launches Silverlight

Recently Microsoft announced Silverlight (previously codenamed “WPF/E”).

It is said to be a cross-browser, cross-platform plug-in for delivering the next generation of media experiences and rich interactive applications (RIAs) for the Web.

The current Download page for Silverlight offers the February 2007 Community Technology Preview (CTP) of the Silverlight Client, which is intended for developers and designers. The client is quite small in size. (1.09MB) and installed very quickly.

I also downloaded the Silverlight Community Technology Preview Sample Pack and experienced some Silverlight samples running locally on my computer and I must say that they are quite interesting.

The Silverlight is offering support for XAML for building rich media experiences on the web.

Read Tim Sneath’s MSDN blog for ten reasons why you might want to use Silverlight.

It must be brought to your attention that people have already started talking about Silverlight, being a competitor of Flash.

Microsoft offering FREE Virtual classroom sessions

Through Developer Virtual Classrooms, which is called to be “The Ultimate Online Training Environment“, Microsoft is offering FREE classroom sessions on WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation). As it is said, with the Developer Virtual Classrooms, you can enjoy the benefits of live human interaction from the comforts of your desktop. (Well! Let’s see if it is true.)

Followings are the parts of the WPF courses as listed on the site.

  1. Introduction to WPF
  2. Introduction to WPF Controls
  3. Data Binding in WPF
  4. Resources & Styling in WPF
  5. Deployment of WPF Applications

Important Dates:
Virtual classroom sessions will commence from April 23, 2007 to April 27, 2007.

Registrations Close at 1800hrs on Thursday 19th April. Limited Seats are available so hurry. Read the rest of this entry »

Order Ubuntu 7.04 (Feisty Fawn) CDs for FREE!

Great news for Ubuntu lovers, the ShipIt site of Ubuntu have started accepting advanced order for Ubuntu 7.04 code named as “Feisty Fawn”.

You can also order Kubuntu and Edubuntu CDs.

Ubuntu 7.04, the next Ubuntu release is scheduled for release on 19 April 2007. Currently the beta version of Ubuntu 7.04 is available and can be downloaded from here.

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