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“A heisenbug (named after the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle) is a computer bug that disappears or alters its characteristics when an attempt is made to study it.”

Google changes its search rank algorithm

According to the latest update from Google it says that it has made a considerable change in its algorithm to improve the ranks of the high quality websites and lower the visibility of the low quality sites. While this is mainly based to lower the ranking of the sites which are populating 100’s of articles daily based on the list of most searched terms; this will impact the ranking of quite a few sites and people will be looking into understanding the changes to get their articles on top again! happy SEO-ing everyone. Most likely it only helps people using proper SEO techniques to get higher up in Google more easily. If you want to read up the news articles here are the links from Guardian and from new york times. Happy SEOing!

SEO with smart HTML tagging

This is a continuation of the previous post about Increasing traffic to your blog. While in the previous posts we discussed use of keywords and their placement to improve chances of users finding your blog through search engine and we also looked at the importance of link building in this post we would look some other ways to increase the search ranking of your site.

Everyone tries to have the best URL for their site which is easily remembered by the users; this is not only useful for the users but also for the search engine rankings as the words in your URL are used by the search engines as an input to determine the related keywords to your site (source: YEAH! Local). The place where this goes wrong is when naming the child pages in the website. The URL for each individual page is almost as important as your website address.

Most of the blogs tend to name internal pages rather badly. While some of the common CMS name the pages with numbers as default other tend to give dynamic links rather than static links. The first step is to have all your pages given a proper name. The most idle for a blog is to name all the pages same as the post title. The option to change this can be found in the admin section. For wordpress this is under Settings-> Permalinks -> chose Custom and write /%postname% as the page name. For blogger it is in Settings -> Archiving and then select Enable Post Pages? as Yes. Similar settings should apply to majority of other blogging software out there.

The second thing that also effects the search ranking is the depth of your page [not confirmed]. So for example a page which is one level deep in your site is more likely to be ranked higher than the one three level deep.

Also important is to have the write meta data in all your pages. This information can help the web crawlers identify the keywords that your page contains the content for. but beware that if the crawler thinks that the metadata for your site is not in accordance with the content it might have a negative effect.

So keep this things in mind and enjoy optimizing your site!

SEO using link building

This is a continuation of the previous post about Increasing traffic to your blog. While in the previous post we discussed use of keywords and their placement to improve chances of users finding your blog through search engine in this post we would look at the importance of link building for your blog.

As an SEO consultant, I feel that Link building is the most important factor in Search Engine Optimization and as a customer when you are looking for a SEO service, you must make sure to hire a company only after checking out their product list, as only a company which offer you all the services under one roof will know exactly how to help grow and promote your business in the right manner. In this post I would look at how link building both internal and external can help you boost your blog. Google Page-rank is an indication of the number of incoming links to your site. While Google only updates the public database every 5/6 months it is readily available via the Google tool bar.

Internal Links:

These are the links to your content referenced from withing your website; while most people tend to overlook these, these links also form a basis for your blog’s search ranking.

The search engine uses a lot of pointers to link to your blog: Read the rest of this entry »

SEO with the help of smart keyword placements

As a blog writer having a great post to read on a blog is as good as the number of readers to your articles.  Search Engine Optimization plays a very crucial role in determining the number of visitors to your blog / site. I will try to write a series of posts on how to make your site Search Engine optimized to be able to get focus from your targeted audience.

SEO is your means to reach people out searching for information that you can provide to them. There are a lot of websites that offer free and paid SEO tips and ways to increase your page ranking in google.  But I found that most if not all of them focus on commercial web sites and there is little or no help available for a casual blogger.

Here I am providing with a set of SEO tips and tricks that I have came across from reading numerous articles, studying search engine ranking’s and my own experiences. These tips will help Revved Business. Since 90% of the current search are done via Google I am going to mainly focus Google search users.

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