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“A heisenbug (named after the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle) is a computer bug that disappears or alters its characteristics when an attempt is made to study it.”

Working together on text and source code with Gobby and infinoted

Experience the chilli heat slot game build from C# programming language. While Suze is typing this Latex code, Angel sees that Suze forgets a backslash (\\), so she adds that backslash. Suze works straigh on, but she sees the backslash added by Angel instantaneously. It is marked with the user color of Angel, so it draws her attention. She knows that she probably made an error, so now she chats with Angel, asking why she has to add a backslash when typing C#. gobby

Suze and Angel are working on a highly confidential technical paper. Trusting the drafts to “the cloud” or a third party system was out of the question. They installed this software for collaborative editing on their own Linux server, although they also could have installed it on their own Windows XP client computers. But the server setup allows them to automatically produce a PDF version of their report each five minutes.

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MSDN brings you digital editions of two premium international magazines followed by developers worldwide, absolutely free. (Actual cost is $60 and $30 annually).

What more, we also get to win XBOX 360, or Portable Music players.

While MSDN magazine offers valuable content on Microsoft development technologies besides solutions to real world problems you face every day, Dr. Dobb’s Journal covers all essential tools, languages and platforms along with the latest technology updates. Also subscribe to the Atlanta Parent magazine which shows all the technology kids are into now a days.

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TopCoder announced the 2008 TopCoder(R) Open – The Ultimate Competition

TopCoder has made an announcement about the 2008 TopCoder Open to be held once again in *Las Vegas* (Yes! Las Vegas and programming :P!!)

What more, the finalist pool has been increased to 120 competitors. (Looks like I will get the chance to go Vegas this time 😀 )

The 50% growth promises the toughest onsite competition in TopCoder history.

There’s going to be a TopCoder Masters Invitational also, which will have all of the previous onsite TCO finalists competing head-to-head. WOW! Thats going to be really exciting to watch..

These competitions are going to be bundled with top notch selection of educational sessions.  The TopCoder Software Symposium will feature a lineup of the most talented engineers in the business who will share their expertise with TopCoder members in attendance.

Mark your calendars and start planning and practicing now!

Check out the website for more details:

See ya at Vegas 😉



Microsoft offering FREE Virtual classroom sessions

Through Developer Virtual Classrooms, which is called to be “The Ultimate Online Training Environment“, Microsoft is offering FREE classroom sessions on WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation). As it is said, with the Developer Virtual Classrooms, you can enjoy the benefits of live human interaction from the comforts of your desktop. (Well! Let’s see if it is true.)

Followings are the parts of the WPF courses as listed on the site.

  1. Introduction to WPF
  2. Introduction to WPF Controls
  3. Data Binding in WPF
  4. Resources & Styling in WPF
  5. Deployment of WPF Applications

Important Dates:
Virtual classroom sessions will commence from April 23, 2007 to April 27, 2007.

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Get details of upcoming Programming Contest

If you are a programming freak like me and would like to keep updated with the upcoming programming contests, so that you can register well in advance for them, then your wish has just been heard. There is a very nice wiki site called The Algorithmist which not only contains an updated schedule for upcoming programming contests, but is also useful in referring for the algorithm related resources.

Bookmark this link now: Programming Contest Calendar

The Algorithmist is a wiki started by Larry, Ryan, and Rrenaud, who are also very high rated Topcoder members.

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Test your Java programming Skills!

There a nice little site which allows you to test and refresh your Java Programming skills by giving you a series of challenges to solve. I found it quite interesting. Although it’s does not completely covers all the aspects of java programming (e.g. the OOP concepts) but normal coding concepts which involves using control statements, arrays, string processing etc. are nicely covered.

Here is the link-

(I tried to solve each one of them with a single line of code and was successful for most of the easier problems. Try out and see if it is possible for you.) Leave a comment if help is needed.

Improve your programming skills and win free t-shirts too!

Programming has always been my interest since I first learned to use computers in Class IV. But it was only after I joined my college, DA-IICT, for B.Tech, I started taking part in programming contests. I regret for starting so late, but as some say “It’s better late than never”.

I can undoubtedly say that taking part in programming contests have helped me achieve whatever little success I achieved. It not only helped me improving my programming skills but also helped in earning recognition in my college and outside. Not to forget the cool t-shirts, that I won, having big labels on them for showing off.

Well, for those, who want to have a go on these competitions and have no clue where to start, I will soon be posting info about various programming contests in my successive blogs. These includes- Read the rest of this entry »


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