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“A heisenbug (named after the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle) is a computer bug that disappears or alters its characteristics when an attempt is made to study it.”

Configuring IMAP access in GMail

Here is the link.

PS: IMAP access is available on iPhone too!


Get your desktop E-Mail client ready for free IMAP for GMail – What does GMail IMAP change

OK, I have it enabled now. Free IMAP for GMail. But first for those who don’t know what IMAP is, go to this link . How is IMAP any different from POP3, or wait what I am talking about. I have this small FAQ for newbies.

Q. What is POP3/IMAP?

A. To simplify this, they are mail accessing protocols which are used by your Desktop E-mail Client.

Q. What is a protocol?

A. From wikipedia “A Protocol is a set of guidelines or rules that help in governing an operation on the internet and communications over it” . Simply put it’s a way to communicate over internet.

Q. What is a desktop e-mail client.

A. An e-mail client is a computer program used to manage e-mail. Few examples are

Linux : Mozilla Thunderbird, Evolution, KMail, Pine, Mutt (pine and mutt are console based)

Windows : Mozilla Thunderbird, Outlook Express (not free), Microsoft Outlook (comes as a part of Windows), Windows Mail (comes in windows Vista)

PS : This is by no means the whole list of E-mail Client available. This is just the list of client I have used in the past, and in the order of my liking.

Q. What is an E-Mail?

A. Seriously man, stop reading this! 😛 Anyways. Read this for information about E-Mail

Ok, so now we are out of the viscious cycle of jargons, lets come to the point. GMail has added IMAP service to their currently 4.4GB E-mail inbox. How does this matter to you. Well if you have a E-mail account with services like Yahoo or Hotmail, I can say IMAP wins over almost every service they have to offer.

Q. How? ( You can say to me, you dumb ##$##@$, that BIG editor gave Yahoo a better score than GMail!)

A. How does IMAP change your life. Well in simple terms, you might never need to open the web browser for any of your emailing needs. Is that big? Well lets add this to the list, unlike POP3, you can use multiple E-Mail clients at the same time on the same account. It means you can receive the same e-mail on your PDA, Laptop, Desktop and if you mark it as read on one of them, it will be marked read in all of them, it keeps everything in sync. You will love this feature if you have a history of using POP3 and the mails once downloaded and read are again marked unread once you shift to some other computer.

Q. I still don’t get it, how does it makes GMail any better?

A. Well any standard IMAP client can be configured to

  • Run in system tray, without take any place in the tasks list
  • Check one or more, e-mail accounts simultaneously
  • Check the accounts after a fixed interval, again and again and again, so that you don’t have to
  • Notify in case you get a mail

Q. Still doesn’t makes any sense to me!

A. Using and e-mail service with IMAP access (like GMail) and a desktop client you can send/receive your e-mail (with attachments) from your desktop without using a browser, and you will be notified of new mails automatically.

Q. Why is your english so bad!

A. I am working on it 🙁

Q. So I what do I do now?

A. I’ll suggest create an account on GMail and see it working first hand.

This what IMAP changes for me and many other GMail users, although Google might have big plans with this offering !!!

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TopCoder announced the 2008 TopCoder(R) Open – The Ultimate Competition

TopCoder has made an announcement about the 2008 TopCoder Open to be held once again in *Las Vegas* (Yes! Las Vegas and programming :P!!)

What more, the finalist pool has been increased to 120 competitors. (Looks like I will get the chance to go Vegas this time 😀 )

The 50% growth promises the toughest onsite competition in TopCoder history.

There’s going to be a TopCoder Masters Invitational also, which will have all of the previous onsite TCO finalists competing head-to-head. WOW! Thats going to be really exciting to watch..

These competitions are going to be bundled with top notch selection of educational sessions.  The TopCoder Software Symposium will feature a lineup of the most talented engineers in the business who will share their expertise with TopCoder members in attendance.

Mark your calendars and start planning and practicing now!

Check out the website for more details:

See ya at Vegas 😉



World’s first Online Book Fair

This is good news for book lovers. World’s first Online Book Fair which started on 4th July 07 have lots of E-books from variety of domains, available for access and download.


One can download the books from this site till Aug 4th, 2007.

World eBook Library Catalogs and Collections The World eBook Library Consortia Collection shelves more than 330,000 PDF eBooks in 100+ languages contained in 112 of the finest eBook and eDocument collections published on the Internet today. The mission of the World eBook Library’s Acquisition Department is to add new eBooks every day.

So hurry up! Donwload them before the fair is over..

Bypassing that firewall

If you are sitting at your company office or are in a college, chances are that all or most of your traffic is monitored or blocked. Also if you are on LAN, then its quite probable that you access most of your internet using a single proxy sitting behind a NAT.

The downside, well limits to everything. In my own campus while just being unable to browse the simplest sites such as or, theres also limits on download filesizes [permissible limit being 75Mb]. To add to the discomfort, access on any port save 3128 or 80 is blocked, disabling access to torrents, p2p networks, mmorpgs or even NTP servers.

However, there is still a bypass. Well for the simpler things such as anonymity and freedom over browsing the net can be achieved using a tunneler such as Freedom[] or Jap[http://anon/]. All one needs to do is install the software, edit the configuration to specify their connection settings and choose a suitable server. Change your browser settings to use a proxy running on localhost at a port of your own choice.

For other things like running WoW behind the NAT/proxy, things notch up another tiny bit. Apart from a proxy software supporting either Http connect requests or allowing socks 4/5 connection (both Freedom and HTTP-Tunnel [] are good for this), another nifty software, Proxifier [] is needed. Simply putting it, Proxifier works like a translator taking all internet traffic from WoW and routing it to the proxy. To the game Proxifier remains invisible and hence faking a direct connection to the net. The same setup can be used to run applications like Bittorrent, Instant Messengers, Windows time or anything else needed a direct internet connection.

Searching for faces

Some upcoming technology for you: Google face-search technology is now available for use.

Google’s face search allows you to narrow down your image-search to only those images that contain faces. Having tried it out for a few search terms, I can say that it works pretty well to the extent that the returned images indeed have faces in them. However, it seems to miss a few valid images. On the face of it (pun unintended) it seems as if images containing smaller or many faces seem to go unrecognized.

To actually perform a face-search, do a normal image search at and then add &imgtype=face to the end of the URI in the address-bar. There seems to be no direct link to use this feature at the moment.

UPDATE: Check out this article on ars technica related to this post.


Imagine a platform where you could contribute your own music, meet up with various artists form all over and even get together and release your own album!! Well TempoStand offers you that and much more…

TempoStand is a platform that promotes independent musicians in India. It is not specific to any genre. Hindustani, Sufi, Folk, Rock, Jazz, Punk, Carnatic, Blues and all other genres are invited. The more crazier it is the better. To be a part of TempoStand you only need to be original. Everything on the site is Creative Commons BY-SA, so everyone is free to mix and share. Read the rest of this entry »


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