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“A heisenbug (named after the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle) is a computer bug that disappears or alters its characteristics when an attempt is made to study it.”


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NTLM authentication proxies

continuing from the last post. If your network is all Windows based, then using the tricks mentioned in the previous post are of no use to you. That’s because Windows servers use NTLM authentication. It’s different from normal authentication, in the sense of a user, you won’t be able to use Linux happily on a network with that kind of authentication scheme. You need to keep an eye on how to use this tip to your benefits.

You need this to create your very own NTLM workaround proxy server. It’s called NTLM Authorization Proxy Server.

Setps for those-who-don’t-know-and-want-to-learn

  1. Download the NTLMAPS script.
  2. Download python.
  3. Unzip the NTLMAPS zip file and install python.
  4. Configure(edit and save) the server.cfg (read below).
  5. Double click on runserver.bat

voila, you see a console!

Configuring the server.cfg

You will need to modify these variables in the config file named “server.cfg” according to your network needs







And these variables if you need, normally they won’t require a change, but you might need to.






For me the configuration looks like












Note, if you don’t fill in the password, it will automatically ask when you run the “runserver.bat” file.

So now it’s all done, tell me if you use it successfully, or failed at it miserably!

DarK is a Sony Vaio user who cannot learn enough about networks. He hates his laptop and loves it at the same time. You can catch him on twitter at

Catch Indian Cricket League LIVE on MSN India

MSN India is going to have a live telecast of all the Indian Cricket League Matches on

These live telecasts are going to be based on Microsoft silverlight.

The ICL 20:20 Indian Championship looks promising to be good stuff for Indian cricket freaks!!


Sorry fellas,

I know we are inactive at the moment as lots of stuff is happening in our lives, most of us just finished the college and are in process of moving to some place or another. Few of us are going abroad for studies, so we are not getting much time to post. But I must mention the response from the readers is great. And for the first 40 days the average reader count per day was 160, with maximum of 474 views on a single day. So sit tight we will be back soon, I guess I will start again by 1st week of June, rest of us will take a little more time to start blogging again. Till then cya, take care 🙂

Welcome from DarK

Hey guys,

This is the first second post (as wordpress has a auto-post “Hello World” which turns up as you create a blog, which has been edited by “guru”, so that post is the first one). We got the idea of starting a common blog while having our breakfast after a night out (yea gaming all the nite), as both Fr0z3n and I have their personal blogs which died a long time ago, I thought of starting a new “common” blog as the idea is quite famous nowadays. The process for naming went like this Read the rest of this entry »


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