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“A heisenbug (named after the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle) is a computer bug that disappears or alters its characteristics when an attempt is made to study it.”

NTLDR Missing

NTLDR is Missing. Press any key to Restart
NTLDR is Missing. Press Ctrl Alt Del to restart.
Boot: Couldn’t find NTLDR.Please insert another disk.

These are a couple of messages you don’t want to see when you start up your computer. But if you do see these do not worry… they can be resolved and hopefully while keeping your data intact. Firstly for those of you who are wondering what is NTLDR it is the NT boot loader from windows which is used by all windows operating systems since Windows 2000 (and previous NT versions). It is the file which tells the computer on how to start the operating system. More detailed information on how it works can be found on the Wikipedia page.

Now lets get to resolving the issue.

The main reason for the error NTLDR is Missing to occur is that your computer is trying to boot from a non-bootable source. This could be due to a non-bootable Disk in your Drive or also a Connected USB Disk/ Device or a smart card.
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$.getScript() and Firebug: But then, who was code?

If you’ve ever tried to import javascript via jQuery.getScript(), you might be rendered unable to actually debug the fetched js in firebug or similar debuggers. The reason is simple and lies in how jQuery implements getscript :

getScript: function( url, callback ) {
        return jQuery.get(url, null, callback, "script");

where get itself is implemented as :

get: function( url, data, callback, type ) {
        // shift arguments if data argument was omited
        if ( jQuery.isFunction( data ) ) {
                type = type || callback;
                callback = data;
                data = null;

        return jQuery.ajax({
                type: "GET",
                url: url,
                data: data,
                success: callback,
                dataType: type

Debugging further you’ll find that ajax uses JSONP to allow linking scripts from non-origin domain by taking advantage of the behavior of src attribute in script tag. Read the rest of this entry »

Peak of human race?

Humans have been constantly fighting against the Darwin’s theory of evolution ‘Survival of the fittest’. Initially we fought against the physical aspect of it by protecting the weak and wounded by keeping them secure while we let the fit and the strongest die trying to protect them during wars. As a result we can see that an average human being is weaker than before and less capable of surviving harsh living conditions like extreme heat, cold or without food for long.

Of course one might argue that this example would be taking the meaning of the word fittest too literary. A more fit usage of the word in terms of human civilization would be to link the word fit with the intelligence rather than with having anything to do with physical toughness. We have indeed reached a state where we do not need to use our muscles power to survive anymore except maybe in case of extreme harsh global level disasters. We have advanced to an age where we can change our surrounding to make it more suitable for us. Not only can we build huge fortifications to save us we also have an advanced defense system to protect from any predators that might want to hunt us down. We can control the atmosphere around us to suit our needs; we have made quite some advancement in medicine to fight almost all kinds of disease which are known. And we are working on developing new means to fight the ones we still can’t and possibly also the ones unknown.

Taking a look at how we are doing in the area ‘Survival of the fittest’ with the fittest corresponding to the intelligence level rather than the physical fitness it might seem to be pretty good at a broader look. After all we have advanced by huge measures in the past few decades and we continue to do so. The rate of advancement has climbed almost exponentially. Now if we want to look at what factors contribute to a person’s intelligence; there have been two factors which are associated with a person’s high I.Q. level – Genetic propagation and Environment.

In the “Bell Curve” The San Francisco Chronicle Richard Herrnstein and Charles Murray did an extensive study on twins to separate the Environment and genetic factors and found that the major contribution factor is in fact genetic. They also go on to state that social intervention can do very little to raise IQ. This would mean that for retaining or improving the high I.Q. or fitness of our species we need to ensure that these genes are passed more often then the lesser fit genes.

Let’s look at some of the facts now – On average high I.Q. couples have 1.5 kids whereas the couples with low I.Q. have 5 kids on average. Also the chance of propagating a gene halves when only one of the parent is carrying the gene. Thus we can clearly see that continuing on the current path we will soon reach a point where the high I.Q carrying gene is lost just as the Darwin’s unfit Galápagos did. On the bright side at least we can take proud in the fact that we are here to observe the highest point of our race.

User Access Control

User Access Control is a security feature introduced with Windows Vista and is included in all the future versions of windows operating system. It is introduced to aim at increasing the security of the system by running the processes in an environment with only user right privileges until the user allows the software access to administrative rights.

In this way, only applications trusted by the user may receive administrative privileges, and malware should be kept from compromising the operating system. In other words, a user account may have administrator privileges assigned to it, but applications that the user runs do not inherit those privileges unless they are approved beforehand or the user explicitly authorizes it.

Practically since most of us just press the allow button without thinking if the task we are running actually does indeed the administrative privileges, the UAC is more of an annoyance than of use. So if you want to stop those annoying popup each time you want to install something or run some applications you can chose to disable the UAC.

The easiest way to disable UAC is via the MSCONFIG tool in Windows Vista.

1. You can launch MSCONFIG by using the run command.

2. Next go to the tools tab and scroll down till you find the option ‘Disable UAC’. Select the option and click on the launch button.

UAC Msconfig

3. Next time you reboot your system UAC will be disabled. You can follow the same steps to re-enable UAC when you want.

– Disabling UAC makes your system run all processes on administrative rights all the time like Windows XP.This might be harmful to your computer and you should only disable it if you understand the risks completely.


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