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Bypassing that firewall

If you are sitting at your company office or are in a college, chances are that all or most of your traffic is monitored or blocked. Also if you are on LAN, then its quite probable that you access most of your internet using a single proxy sitting behind a NAT.

The downside, well limits to everything. In my own campus while just being unable to browse the simplest sites such as or, theres also limits on download filesizes [permissible limit being 75Mb]. To add to the discomfort, access on any port save 3128 or 80 is blocked, disabling access to torrents, p2p networks, mmorpgs or even NTP servers.

However, there is still a bypass. Well for the simpler things such as anonymity and freedom over browsing the net can be achieved using a tunneler such as Freedom[] or Jap[http://anon/]. All one needs to do is install the software, edit the configuration to specify their connection settings and choose a suitable server. Change your browser settings to use a proxy running on localhost at a port of your own choice.

For other things like running WoW behind the NAT/proxy, things notch up another tiny bit. Apart from a proxy software supporting either Http connect requests or allowing socks 4/5 connection (both Freedom and HTTP-Tunnel [] are good for this), another nifty software, Proxifier [] is needed. Simply putting it, Proxifier works like a translator taking all internet traffic from WoW and routing it to the proxy. To the game Proxifier remains invisible and hence faking a direct connection to the net. The same setup can be used to run applications like Bittorrent, Instant Messengers, Windows time or anything else needed a direct internet connection.

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7 Responses

  1. Jeff says:

    Pls can u send me how to configure proxifer

  2. kenny says:

    please can u send me how to set up Proxifier ,Freedom,Jap so that it can work with my country”s network

  3. Varun Thacker says:

    after using this do torrents work?

  4. Michael Lousis says:

    How can I configure proxy for softwares that don’t have proxy settings? Only HTTP Traffic (port 80 and 443) are allowed in my company network. Which proxies Windows XP programs use ?

    Thank you.

  5. EriTraN says:

    The best option you may have is to tunnel your connection using tunnel softwares such as HTTP tunnel or Proxifier. They are commercial but there are a couple free one based on Debian or Linux systems.These softwares let you disguise your traffic as if it is HTTP and bypass the Proxy Firewall.

  6. opaque says:

    My dorm has only allowed access to the internet through a proxy with port 3128. I would like to find out in more detail on how to run WoW behind the proxy such as using proxifier. Do I need to tunnel my connection such as using YourFreedom?

  7. arindam says:

    Nice one… really spent most of our valuable college hours in bypassing proxies for what so ever reason. I just wonder why don’t they make everything open….

    Also I wanted to inquire about the latest and best in softwares for downloading bit torrents and also for the purpose of sharing stuffs on internet.


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