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“A heisenbug (named after the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle) is a computer bug that disappears or alters its characteristics when an attempt is made to study it.”

htaccess tips and tricks

If you have a webhosting you have to have basic know how of tips and tricks you can do with htaccess. So here is a list of basic actions that can be done via htaccess and how to use them.


Disable Directory Browsing

Options All -Indexes

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Photography now at 1,000,000,000,000 frames per second!


Move over high speed camera here comes fem-to camera. Imagine being able to capture frames so fast that you can see light moving a millimeter of a distance and no this is not fantasy but something that actually has been done. Now think about the various scientific capabilities of such a technological wonder; from studying light waves as move and interact with various objects and mediums to seeing around the corner, checking if a fruit is ripe by shining light on it and possibly many more.

The paper on how they use this technology to see around the corners can be found on

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Best free productivity Android Apps for S3

Now that you just got yourself one of the best smartphones around the Samsung Galaxy SIII it is time to start installing apps on it. Galaxy S III already comes pre-installed with apps like. Google Search, Maps, Navigator, Gmail, YouTube, Calendar, Google Talk, Picasa integration, Swype, Dropbox etc. Here I have jotted down some more essential free apps for Galaxy SIII to get the most out of your phone. Though this list is focused on S3 most of these apps are good for any android device.

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Online Privacy

S?m? people might think that online ?r?v??? is a, w?ll, private m?tt?r. If ??u d?n’t want ??ur information g?tt?ng out ?nl?n?, don’t ?ut ?t ?n ?????l m?d??. Simple, r?ght?

But keeping ??ur ?nf?rm?t??n ?r?v?t? ??n’t ju?t about your ?wn ?h?????. It’? ?b?ut ??ur fr??nd?’ ?h?????, t??. R??ult? from a ?tud? of a n?w-d?fun?t ?????l m?d?? ??t? show th?t the inhabitants of the d?g?t?l age m?? n??d to stop and th?nk ?b?ut ju?t how mu?h they ??ntr?l th??r personal information, and where the boundaries of th??r ?r?v??? are.

Wh?n someone joins a social n?tw?rk, the first order ?f business is, of course, t? find fr??nd?. To ??d th? process, many ???? ?ff?r t? ?m??rt ??nt??t l??t? fr?m ??m??n?’? ?h?n? or ?-m??l or Facebook, t? f?nd m?t?h?? with ????l? ?lr??d? in the n?tw?rk.

Sh?r?ng those ??nt??t l??t? seems ?nn??u?u?, n?t?? David G?r???, a ??m?ut?t??n?l ?????l ????nt??t at the Complexity S???n?? Hub V??nn? in Au?tr??. “P???l? giving ??nt??t l??t?, th??’r? not d??ng anything wrong,” h? says. “You ?r? th??r fr??nd. Y?u gave th?m th? ?-m??l ?ddr??? ?nd ?h?n? numb?r.” Most ?f th? t?m?, you ?r?b?bl? want t? ?t?? in t?u?h w?th the person, possibly ?v?n via the ?????l m?d?? ??t?.

But th? social network th?n has th?t ?nf?rm?t??n — wh?th?r ?r n?t th? ?wn?r of ?t w?nt?d ?t ?h?r?d.

S????l platforms’ ?b?l?t? t? ??ll??t ?nd curate th?? ?xtr? ?nf?rm?t??n ?nt? wh?t ?r? ??ll?d shadow ?r?f?l?? f?r?t ??m? t? light with a F???b??k bug ?n 2013. Th? bug ?n?dv?rt?ntl? ?h?r?d th? e-mail ?ddr????? ?nd ?h?n? numbers ?f ??m? 6 m?ll??n u??r? with ?ll ?f th??r fr??nd?, even wh?n th? information wasn’t public.

Facebook ?mm?d??t?l? addressed the bug. But ?ft?rw?rd, ??m? users n?t???d that the ?h?n? numb?r? ?n th??r F???b??k ?r?f?l?? h?d still b??n f?ll?d ?n — ?v?n th?ugh th?? had n?t given F???b??k their d?g?t?. Instead, F???b??k had ??ll??t?d th? numb?r? from th? ??nt??t l??t? innocently provided by th??r friends, ?nd f?ll?d in th? missing information f?r th?m. A ?h?d?w ?r?f?l? had become r??l?t?.

It’? n? ?ur?r??? that a social ?l?tf?rm ??uld take n?m??, ?-m??l addresses and ?h?n? numb?r? ?nd match them u? w?th other ????l? ?n th? same ?l?tf?rm. But Garcia w?nd?r?d ?f these ?h?d?w profiles ??uld be ?xt?nd?d t? ????l? not ?n th? social ?l?tf?rm ?t ?ll.

H? turned t? a now-defunct ?????l n?tw?rk ??ll?d Fr??nd?t?r. A precursor t? sites l?k? M?S???? and Facebook, Friendster l?un?h?d ?n 2002. In 2008, th? ?????l ??t? b???t?d m?r? than 115 m?ll??n users. But b? 2009 ????l? b?g?n t? jum? ?h?? f?r other ??t??, ?nd in 2015 Fr??nd?t?r ?l???d f?r g??d. M?ll??n? ?f abandoned ?ubl?? ?r?f?l?? v?n??h?d ?nt? th? ?th?r.

Or d?d they? Th? Internet Ar?h?v? — a n?n?r?f?t l?br?r? — h?? ?n ?r?h?v? ?f m?r? than 200 b?ll??n w?b ??g??, ?n?lud?ng Fr??nd?t?r. Garcia w?? ?bl? t? u?? that repository t? get d?t? ?n 100 million ?ubl?? ????unt? from the ?????l m?d?? ??t?. G?r??? dug thr?ugh th? records ?n a process h? ??ll? Int?rn?t Archaeology, ?ft?r a ??t?r???l v?d?? from The On??n in wh??h ?n ?nt?rn?t ?r?h???l?g??t ?nn?un??? th?t h? h??, ?r?n???ll?, d????v?r?d Friendster. “The time ???l? ?f ?nl?n? m?d?? is v?r? fast, but ?t’? ?t?ll ?tud??ng th?ng? in ?????t? th?t d?n’t ?x??t ?n?m?r?,” h? ?x?l??n?.

Fights of a young Entrepreneur

Almost a year back I started with setting up my own company along with two friends of mine. Though the company did not make much profit I personally feel it has been very profitable project in terms of learning’s that I can take from it, we worked so hard to find the best logos to represent our company and even got help from the LegalVision in order to legally register the name.
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Incipiens – Get your startup funded!

A friend on mine Rajat Mittal along with Nishant Singh have just launched a very nice initiative ( to help startups which are based in India. Having strong technical background and high proficiency in web technologies they are not only able to provide financial help but also perfect as mentors to critically look at your plan and help you when and where it is required. Here is a short summary about their offerings copied from their homepage Read the rest of this entry »

The future of displays

Watch “A Day Made of Glass” and take a look at Corning’s vision for the future with specialty glass at the heart of it.

Mounting VMware disks on the host system

VMware uses virtual disk files as a source to store data from their virtual machines. These files are have an extension of .vmdk and are stored on your local hard drive. There are multiple instances on some of the best web hosting agency´s where one would want to access these files without having to boot up the virtual machine. It could be due to a crashed VMware to recover files or like in my case to save time and speed up data retrieval from the VMware.

Luckily VMware has developed a tool for exactly these reasons, the VMware disk mount utility. You can download this utility from the following link for Windows for Linux it normally comes as a part of the VMware workstation.

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