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“A heisenbug (named after the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle) is a computer bug that disappears or alters its characteristics when an attempt is made to study it.”

How-to: Turn Your Cellphone into a Microscope!

Being the enthusiast I am with shooting photos and making videos, I also enjoy taking it to further levels. Earlier we posted a super simple how-to tutorial (here) on adding the macro functionality to your cellphone (while keeping it low-budget). In this post, we inform you of how to turn your cellphone into a small portable microscope (while still keeping it low-budget).

  1. If you haven’t gone to Crabfu’s page who made this mod, go there.
  2. Find a low-budget (~10 Euros) microscope lens of your desire (either online or from a shop you know) that matches the specs Crabfu has mentioned (mainly it should fit to the cellphone lens or it’s case dimension).
  3. Wrap the cellphone case in a plastic bag.
  4. Put your cellphone in it.
  5. Glue the lens connection and very very carefully put it where the phone lens is supposed to be.
  6. Attach the lens to the connection.
  7. Done.

Enjoy using your portable microscope while helping people 🙂

Via Crabfu

How-to: DIY Macro Lens For Your Cellphone!

If you have a disposable camera lying around somewhere in your basement or your room gathering dust, take it and do something useful with it! If you don’t have one, buy one and continue reading this post 🙂

Here is a simple step by step “tutorial” on how to add macro capability to your lovely phone camera:

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How to Backup Vinyl Records?

During my childhood I had the opportunity and means of listening to vinyl records. When I used them, I had to be extreamly careful not to damage them by accident, otherwise … You wouldn’t want to know 😉

For those of you (such as myself) who still adore their precious vinyl records and want to preserve them for a long long time, have certainly thought about making backups. I do not wish to convert my vinyl records to any other type of media (I’m talking about digital), so here is a simple step-by-step tutorial on how to back-your precious-up. Enjoy! 😉

Step-by-step tutorial: How Vinyl Records Are Made-And How to Pirate (Copy) A Vinyl Record

And just because I know you are curious to know how a vinyl record is made, here is a two-part how-to video on making vinyl records 🙂

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How to become famous over time?

There is this article on The Huffington Post website named How to Become Famous Overnight, written by Robert Pagliarini. I won’t go into the details of his last name (Pag-liar-ini), but I read the article and he talks about how Christina Perri became a famous singer overnight. I do not mean to disagree with what he has written in this article, or even in his other articles. I would like to add to that article and inform you of my view over how to become famous… And not overnight.

All human beings, animals and trees (at least the ones I’ve talked to) have a view of their life. In their own mind, they see their life going towards a destination. Most of them are not aware of the exact goal, but there are some who are. An apple tree makes apple not lemon. All trees go towards their goal, but what happens during this journey, is what gives meaning to their life.

Although most people I know have told me that none of them ever thought of what to become when they were a baby, I think they did; they just don’t remember it well enough.

People interpret every event that goes around them in different ways. I am lucky for one to have interacted with almost all sorts of people. See what I did there? I said I am “lucky”. Someone might say “Armin! You are not lucky. There is no luck. It’s just consequences of events that lead you towards that direction”. If someone says that, I won’t disagree. But back to the point. If I stand in the sun, you may be paying attention to these things:

  • Is he wearing eye-glasses?
  • Would his shirt color be seen the same in a shadow?
  • Is it hot or is it cold?
  • etc.

You may even not see me, but see the shadow I have created by standing in the sun, come to me, sit down, lay your back towards my leg, open your book and read it.

But what does that have to do anything with becoming famous? Please allow me to explain.

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Junk in your PC’s trunk!

The title sounds dirty doesn’t it? Well, that’s because every once in a while your PC gets filled with non-useful files in it. It will remain there, unless you go ahead and clean it.

– Q: “So what if they are gathered? My PC has a lot of memory! It’s not like it would eat up a lot of it!”

– A: “Most of the times it slows down the performance of your computer.”

If you would like to know how to increase the performance of your PC, then there is an article that tells you about it. But in this article I’m going to tell you about a very neat software called “Crap Cleaner”. It searches for non-useful files in your PC system, and tells you about their existence. It can remove them for you, if you choose to. So let’s go ahead and see what it is capable of, shall we?

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