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10 Must Have Apps for the new Apple iPhone 5

The all new iPhone 5 was launched on September 12, 2012 (watch the keynote here). With a better processor and a bigger screen, iPhone 5 offers few more opportunities to app developers to harness the new hardware features. Although the iPhone 5 (which comes with the new iOS6) has a native integration with Facebook and Twitter, there are a host of other apps (free + paid) that are definitely a must have for the iPhone 5. This article lists out ten must have apps for the iPhone 5. Although the article is particularly directed towards the new iPhone, all of these apps are also compatible with iPhone 3GS, 4, and 4S.

  WhatsApp Messenger ($0.99) Smartphones have slowly become social tools for keeping in touch with friends and family on a real-time basis. Probably an App that hardly needs an introduction in this context, WhatsApp has slowly become one of the most widely used internet-based platform-independent instant messaging service (works on and across iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Symbian, and Windows phones). Through this app you can share high-quality pictures, your contacts, your location, and audio files with your friends.
  Instagram (Free)  One of the main upgrades to the iPhone 5 is the 4-inch retina display coupled with the all-new 8 megapixel iSight camera. With iPhone 5, photographs just went to a whole new level for Apple users. Instagram is a social media service that allows users to share parts of their lives (and their photography skills) by sharing pictures transformed with a number of app-enabled image filters.
  Camera+ ($0.99) Although the native Instagram app provides the default photo filters that everyone so loves, Camera+ is one step ahead and is one of the most power-packed image capture and manipulation app for the iPhone 5. It not only adds more intuitive functionality to the default iOS 6 camera app but also provides a large number of image filters to play around with. This app makes Instagram filters blush a deep shade of purple (or is that the new iPhone 5 camera flare? Wait, no it is the app – I am positive!)
Adobe Photoshop Express (Free)  Adobe Photoshop is undoubtedly the world’s leading image editor for macs, desktops, and laptops. Moreover, now with Adobe Photoshop Express –  Adobe brings the much-loved photoshop suite to Apple users. The basic app is free (you can buy more features, filter sets etc. by making in-app purchases) and provides you with a set of features for basic image manipulation and editing. With the new A6 chip, using Adobe’s mobile applications is a breeze on the iPhone 5.
8 Tracks (Free) The kind of music we listen to is increasingly being defined by our friends and cultural experiences. 8 Tracks is an online internet radio that is made by people and not algorithms. You can select a music playlist based on your mood, what your friend listens to, or what your friends recommended to you. With all new faster internet on the iPhone 5, 8 Tracks is a must have.
Week Calendar ($1.99)  Although iPhone 5 comes with Apple’s native Calendar app, WeekCal is a powerhouse with which the native Calendar app cannot even compete. The app provides you with a full-screen intuitive interface to manage your appointments on the iPhone 5. The app integrates with Facebook, GMail, and the native calendar app to give you facebook events, your friend’s birthdays, and all your appointments in one go. A must, must have.
  Any.DO (Free)  iPhone to-do apps make your life a lot easier by keeping track of all the stuff that you have to take care of, and Any.DO takes the cake in this domain. It is simple, user-friendly, and with its high resolution display and graphics – this app makes boring and tedious tasks look quite ‘pretty’ on the iPhone 5’s retina display. you can even share tasks with your friends and this app seamlessly syncs your tasks across all your devices. Most of all – this app is totally free!
Flipboard (Free)  A 4-inch screen with retina display means more content and a whole lot of eye-candy. Flipboard is one of the world’s first social magazine. You can add a variety of feeds and Flipboard presents you the content in a clean and minimalistic book-like format where you can just ‘flip’ through your content. The app is totally free and it even lets you integrate it to your social networking feeds (facebook, twitter etc.) and gives you your friends updates in a book as well!
Dropbox (Free)  With the move towards mobile devices, file syncing and management has become a necessary requirement. Dropbox is a free service that not only lets you store your files online for free but also seamlessly syncs your files across your laptop, smartphone, and tablet. The free subscription comes with 2GB of online space and you can get a maximum of 18GB free by referring your friends.
Evernote (Free)  Last but not the least, being able to take notes on your iPhone is a necessary requirement for most of us. Although the iPhone 5 comes with the notes app, it is not an app known for its features. Meet Evernote – a robust and cross-platform app that makes note taking a whole new experience on your smartphone. It is a free service that also lets you sync your notes to your laptop and tablet.

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  1. Hunter says:

    Thanks for posting this great list of apps, Samir! Some of my coworkers at DISH have been giving me a hard time because I still had an old flip phone. So, I finally decided to upgrade to a new iPhone 5, and now I need some good apps to play with. After reading your article I downloaded Instagram and 8 Tracks; I love them both. I know I have only had the phone for a few short days, but I already know that the DISH Remote Access app is a must have. I use it to stream my favorite TV channels as well as recordings from my Hopper DVR to my phone. Sometimes I end up working late at DISH, but now I don’t have to rush home just to catch the last few minutes of my show. Instead, I just stream it to my tablet while I work. Talk about must have apps; anyone with an iPhone should have this one.


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