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“A heisenbug (named after the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle) is a computer bug that disappears or alters its characteristics when an attempt is made to study it.”


Watch Cricket World Cup 2015 online

Disclaimer – This post is purely for academic and curiosity’s sake. This is most likely not legal and should be approached appropriately. This howto guide is going to be quite technical and I don’t expect the masses to be able to understand it. Jumping right to it. You need few pieces. A host in one […]

Run your laptop a little cooler

Disclaimer – The solutions mentioned in this post can harm your PC/Laptop hardware if proper care is not taken. You’ve been warned. We all have to face that issue with laptops at some point or another. They heat up! Most of the times it’s the issue with old laptops. Here are few tweaks I use […]

Watch on Roku/Amazon Fire TV Stick/Chromecast using Plex Media Server

If you are an avid gamer like me who also enjoys watching online tournaments you definitely know about . twitch has become the de facto standard for streaming major tournaments and also used heavily for pro and weekend warrior like me. Recently I bought a TV through Refundly’s Amazon reimbursement service and was trying to […]

Exchange 2013 Disk Cleaning

After some troubles with mailflow due to Back Pressure on my relatively small virtual machine for Exchange, I had to try somewhat harder to reclaim disk space inside the Exchange VM. After the steps described below, I freed nearly 10 GB. When you use Exchange inside a Virtual Machine, you might want to keep the […]

Exchange Back Pressure external SMTP test and warning

Your Exchange server will stop receiving email messages when the disk utilization is high. This is called Back Pressure. There are various ways to prevent such a dreadful situation, such as enabling circular logging and monitoring for lack of server resources, but you might want a warning message when this happens. It makes no sense […]

Installation notes for Postfix, SASL and Unbound on RHEL 6

Today I finished installing and configuring a filtering mailserver that does virus- and spamfiltering. In fact, it only does filtering, and then passes the mail on to internal mail servers. I hit a few hurdles and these installation notes are meant for my own future reference. I publish them on this weblog so others might […]

htaccess tips and tricks

If you have a webhosting you have to have basic know how of tips and tricks you can do with htaccess. So here is a list of basic actions that can be done via htaccess and how to use them.   Disable Directory Browsing Options All -Indexes

nofail and nobootwait mount options in fstab prevent boot problems

Problem description: You (re)boot your computer, e.g. a headless server. The boot process can halt or exit to rescue mode when an external disk is unavailable or when an internal but non-critical disk is out of order. mountall tries to automount all entries from fstab that have the defaults or auto mount options. It will […]


Online Privacy

S?m? people might think that online ?r?v??? is a, w?ll, private m?tt?r. If ??u d?n’t want ??ur information g?tt?ng out ?nl?n?, don’t ?ut ?t ?n ?????l m?d??. Simple, r?ght? But keeping ??ur ?nf?rm?t??n ?r?v?t? ??n’t ju?t about your ?wn ?h?????. It’? ?b?ut ??ur fr??nd?’ ?h?????, t??. R??ult? from a ?tud? of a n?w-d?fun?t ?????l m?d?? […]

Fights of a young Entrepreneur

Almost a year back I started with setting up my own company along with two friends of mine. Though the company did not make much profit I personally feel it has been very profitable project in terms of learning’s that I can take from it, we worked so hard to find the best logos to […]

Incipiens – Get your startup funded!

A friend on mine Rajat Mittal along with Nishant Singh have just launched a very nice initiative ( to help startups which are based in India. Having strong technical background and high proficiency in web technologies they are not only able to provide financial help but also perfect as mentors to critically look at your […]

A Gen WHY Response to Geek Nation

The first time, a friend handed me Geek Nation: How Indian Science is taking over the World, he said, “It’s a bizarre book!” And one has to admit that reading this book is a journey which you take with the author, Angela Saini, with mixed feelings. At times your emotions resonate with those of the […]

The future of displays

Watch “A Day Made of Glass” and take a look at Corning’s vision for the future with specialty glass at the heart of it.


Here is a nice TED talk on how to live a long life…. It talks about what life styles actually help one to live long and healthy life.

Minsk, the Stalinist pearl

On the edge of Europe (but still in Europe’s heartland somehow), lies the country we all know as Belarus. Widely regarded as Europe’s last dictatorship, it is ruled by president Lukashenko, who has been in office since 1994. Unlike its neighbouring countries Lithuania and Ukraine, Belarus has been looking east rather than west after the […]

Useful search tools

I want to share these two amazing search tools:   The first one is an awesome song lookup search engine. Ever had that tune stuck in your head and not being able to remember the song ? Just tap the rythm into this cool web application and it will try and look up the song […]


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